Crew Cav & XT10 Caravan adventures

Build Up

Where did it all begin?

The ute was born in Japan in 2003 then shipped to Australia and sold early in 2003 to QR.  In November 2006 the ute changed ownership to the Cav family.  In March 2007 I took over ownership of the stock 2003 GU Coil Cab from my old man.  The vehicle was fitted with aluminum tray with canopy, redarc dual batteries and uhf.

Easter 2007 a slight hicup with Main Roads Qld has occured with the construction process.  Creative Conversions ( can no longer produce the aluminum skined mulitcab with 3 seats so a new manufacturer is required.

 After two months of search SVM Qld ( answer the call so the project is underway again and now delayed by 3 months.

On the 01 July 2007 the first modification was completed with the upgrade of the wheels with some Coopers STT 285/75R16 on Mickey Thompson Classic 2 rims.  The wheels and tyres are both individually rated to 1400kg. ERPS is fitted to the vehicle and the rear fuel tank is also upgrade to 145L by mistake instead of the sub tank by On Track 4x4 Center at Slacks Creek.

01 July 2007
New wheels and the H260 axle on tray
Creative conversions for Phil to do some magic. His team remove the tray and extend the chassis and tailshaft 350mm. The rear axle is replaced with H260 from a leaf sprung ute.


Airbags and the long range sub tank is also installed with the compressor mounted behind the sub tank. The 9L airtank is mounted on the passenger side.  Now we have a 2 ton payload.

Smash Care Brendale ready for paint
Smash Care Brendale
Smash Care Brendale
SVM Preseats

Custom 2/3 split rear seats

Custom 2/3 split rear seats

Ute dropped off at Creative Conversions for the cut down alloy tray
Finally pick up the ute from SVM with a few spare parts in the tray

Finally pick up the ute from SVM with a few spare parts in the tray.

Someone forgot to paint inside the doors
Reduction in multicab floor height and lower seats.

Being the first multicab manufactured by SVM Qld there where a few bugs to work out.

For example the rear bench after some testing was too high and the floor was dropped to create more leg room.  It also make egress much easier and safer.

Rock sliders, side steps and scrub bars. Dale at 2d extreme fabrications made a custom pair of heavy duty rock sliders with high lift jack points. They really save the sills.
There is only so much you can do with the Nissan alloy tray.

Repowder coat the bullbar for the first time in Satin Black.

Front Left Airbag after blowing a supply line on Fraser Island. I now carry lots of spares.

Gen III Steel Competition Tray by Dale at 2D Extreme Fabrications with removable carry bars.

Camping on the new tray

<<< Deni 2008
Removable Ausbox Base with the Autohome Roof top tent.

Sundown 2014 >>>
Number 2 canopy with Autohome Roof top tent. Our Number 2 canopy is just a shell so great for work or carrying odd items.

Canopy Ausbox

Canopy by AusBox
Fully removable steel floor with four legs and a separate alloy canopy on top. This provides the best base to support the James Baroud Off Road Tent.

The canopy is fitted with 240 amp hours of batteries, fridge, kitchen, fire wood holder and general storage. We have lived out of the canopy for four months straight on site.