Crew Cav & XT10 Caravan adventures

Camping Set Up

Camping Set Up has built a custom removable slide on canopy.  The canopy will have 4 removable legs and fully self contained.  With dual wheel carriers, Kitchen, two Deep cycle 120 amp hour battery's, 120W solar panel, 40L water tank and shelving units.  The roof top tent sits on top with 2 custom annexes. With two more annexes built in 2011. Awesome bit of kit that allows us to go bush or to a job site.  Drop of the accommodation/office and use the ute to go 4x4 or drive around site.  We love this set up.

Autohome: Medium Mongollia Roof Top Tent

This is the usual set up with an awning on both sides to keep the water out and provide good shade.  It keeps the tent cooler by about 5 degrees some times. When the rooftop tent is packed up it is 150mm high at the front to 300mm high at the back.  It is 1750 wide and 2100 long. It is a great product as it protects the synthetic material walls from the bush.  As well I can crawl along the top of the tent.  The fiberglass top gives and moves then pops back into shape.  A great piece of kit.

In Aug 2010 four rails have been attached to the roof top tent.  This allows custom awnings to be attached to the roof top tent to keep the wet out and make shade. 

The next stage is to add a front and rear awning which will make a rectangular covered area around the whole tent. The kitchen is getting 3 walls to screen out the insects with a skirt going around the base of the canopy.

Four people touring - Before the new Canopy

We have done a few tours with four people.  The roof top tent with an awning and a tent makes the experience comfortable.  Two one ton tool boxes allow for security and keeping all the gear dry.  The third battery can be hooked up to have 2 day's of sitting in one place before needing to charge up. In November 2011 after Deni we traveled for 8 months with the removable tray, 3 x toolboxes and the roof top tent.  This would be a typical set up.  Behind the CAT flag is the third toolbox that drops down as a table.


James Baroud Offroad Tent

After a demonstration by Jean-Marie and Valerie this looks like the luxury replacement for the Autohome Mongolia. Same tent just 30% better with a roof mounted solar powered fan, insulated roof & walls, black hull, higher quality mosquito nets, rear door, flexible side doors, better quality materials (cheaper than a replacement Autohome), exterior points for ladder, more internal space and air vents. The fan and the rear door will allow much better airflow which is on thing the Autohome could do with.  It takes 30 seconds to release the four clips and the bed is made that's it! 

As it springs to full height.  Takes about 2 - 3 minutes to pack it up.The big plus apart from the rear door and fan is the 25kg roof carrying capacity. This will be perfect for a 100W solar panel and four awnings that includes two mosquito rooms and a As well there is an alpine liner for the trips to the snow or Armidale.

Four Person Touring

For four weeks in 2014 the four of us tackled Cape York with the James Baroud Offroad Tent and the Kulkyne Kampers Homestead Swag - Twin. There is a custom swag bag to keep the sway dry on the roof racks.You can carry much less gear when you want too.