Crew Cav & XT10 Caravan adventures


Creative Conversions - Phil
(Multiaxle Conversions)

  • 350mm Chassis extension & H260 Axle
  • 4180kg GVM upgrade, 
  • 50mm raised airbag man suspension
  • Air compressor, 7L tank & tyre inflation
  • Aluminum tray reduction 2.13m to 1.75m.

Stealth Welding and Custom Fabrication

Gen V Tray with:
  • Rear winch
  • 2 x 20L water tanks
  • Custom toolboxes & hidden tie downs
  • Slimline lighting
  • Simpson Desert & Cape York Ready

Ausbox (By austates)

Custom alloy two door canopy
  • With ladders each side
  • Removable Base Unit with legs
  • James Baroud Offroad Tent
  • Kitchen with fridge slide
  • 240 Amp/hr Batteries with 120W Solar
2003 Nissan Patrol GU II Coil Cab Ute
  • Series       - 4.2 Turbo Diesel Intercooled GU II
  • Suspension  - 50mm lift full airbag suspension kit with Raw Shocks. Superior Engineering Race Specification lower control arms, adjustable                                         steering arm, radius arms and high flex swaybar kit.
  • Wheels      - Staun Racing Wheels based on Staun TX1 Performance Wheels with Staun internal bead lockers (Comp),  Black TX1 (road)
  • Wheels     -  Mickey Thompson Classic II Rims (ready for 315/75R16 tyres)
  • Tyres        - 285/75R16 Hankook Dynapro MT RT03 (comp), 285/75R16 General AT2 (touring)
  • Front Bar    - ARB Winch Bullbar 
  • Side Bars    - sliders, brush bars, 2 high lift jack
  • Air Lockers  - ARB Front and Rear 
  • Set Up For  - Work, Touring, Fun and Shows
  • Accessories  - 6 seats, snorkel, dual battery (self fitted), ERPS, custom paint, leaf sprung patrol rear axle,
  • Extras       - LED lights, UHF, 2 x air compressors with 7L air tank with tyre inflating facilities.
  • Extras       - Dual Ironman 12000lb winch, Tigerz11 - anchor and awning, Pyro and boost gauge, Airbag Man Air tank gauge, Gauge pod
  • Tray         - Stealth Welding and Custom Fabrication custom alloy tray with removable floor, toolboxes, 2 x 20L water tanks, winch
  • Tray          - Tray sides have a half hinged rear tailgate that allows the tailgate to be open or closed during travel

Renowned Auto Mobile Mechanic.

  • Post and Pre Trip Inspections
  • Repairs
  • Custom Glind Hot Water System Install
  • Catch Can
  • Dual fuel water filters

Northside 4x4

  • Turbo boost at 14 PSI
  • Fuel pump wound up with dyno tune
  • 112KW with 360NM of torque at the wheels with a H260 rear diff.
  • Front mounted water to air intercooler

On Track 4x4 Center

  • LRA 145L & 75L fuel tanks 
  • ERPS, Front ARB airlocker
  • 85% Mark Adapter Rock Crawling Gears
  • Upgraded 5th Gear for towing
  • Diff breathers

2D Extreme Fabrications (Dale Keevers)

  • Custom Rock Sliders with brush bar
  • Custom tray with removable roll bar, ladder rack, 3 x under tray  tool boxes & lights
  • Custom bash plate, recovery point

Specialised Vehicle Manufacturing Qld

  • 3 Seater Multicab (oneoff)
  • Cut out back of ute for walk though
  • Internal FOPS.
  • 40/60 split seat with fold up for fridge.

James Baroud Offroad Tent

The Explore Evolution is is the best tent we have ever owned!!! With 120W of solar on top and four awning mounts. We might upgrade to the new lighter model with bigger windows.

Beaudesert Exhaust

We have had five vehicles fitted with Beaudesert Exhausts.

Smashcare Brendale

Thanks to Smashcare Brendale for the original coat of Caterpillar Yellow. Unfortunately it contained a trace amount of lead.

Canopy 2 with Autohome Maggiolina

The Autohome Maggiolina Roof Top Tent now sits on canopy 2 which is an empty box so that we can adapt to the work situation.