Crew Cav & XT10 Caravan adventures


QCAS Ute Muster Series

Ekka, Deni and more Ute Shows

Deni Ute Muster 2010 &  2008
2nd Ultimate Work Ute 2008

The Worlds Ultimate Ute Muster

2008: 100 competitors, 7215 utes

2010: 70 competitors, 12000 utes & 3500 blue singlets. Got too Love Deni Ute Muster

QCAS Ute Muster Series Final @ Ekka

Each year the top 9 utes from 7 classes over QLD come to the Ekka to compete in Final 

  • 4x4 Ute: Champion 2010
  • Work Ute: Reserve Champion 2010
  • Work Ute: Champion 2011

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2010

The Sydney Royal Easter Show used to have a ute show were you make an application to attend with over 100+ applications a year. Once you win you are never allowed back.

  • Grand Champion 2010

Why do we compete at ute show and shines?

So why do we compete at ute shows? It all began with the white knight the crew cab Rodeo.  Trying to sell this vehicle I detailed the vehicle and placed it in the Nissan Patrol Club Show and Shine winning 3rd place.  Then the ute attended Beaudesert 07, Beenliegh 07 and Kilcoy 07 with no results.  Evidently the ute was sold and allowed for latest project called the "Crew Cav"

There is a lot of extra effort that goes into ute shows. For example getting the ute onto the timber blocks is all ways a challenge.  It is easy to fall off and have a block of timber go into your suspension. Fitting the "Crew Cav" plates is all part of the theme.  Then basically the ute gets a quick polish with Formula 1 car cleaning product.  It is a waterless wax that works great on the paint work and not as good on the glass.

We have taken the Caterpillar theme forward with two over sized Cat flags. To add to this effect the population of tigers, lions and other wild cats have exploded.  Each op shop we visit we pick up a new character.  King Paddle Pop Lion aka Paddles has been taken to every show since his adoption for Laidley Ute Show.  He takes pride and place in the rear seat.  Sometimes Bundy (the bear) drives him around with the husky on the back.

Crew Cav Shows

Toowoomba 2008

Time to break the covers for the ute's first show since transformation.

Urban Country 2008- Best 4x4

The first time using ramps to show articulation.

Laidley 2008
1st 4x4 and 1st Work and Reserve Champion Cat B of Laidley Final. 
Rosewood 2008

A great day out for the crew with a win in 4x4 and entry to the Laidley Final for QCAS State Ute Muster Series Entry.

Samford 2008

Best Cat B with 1st work and 3rd 4x4 and entry to the Samford Finals

Mt Gravatt 2008

2nd Work and 2nd 4x4

Ekka 2008
Our first QCAS Ute Muster Series Final
Ekka 2008

Beaudesert Show 2008

With a brand new tray with the paint still drying the Beaudesert Ute show was the turning point in Crew Cav's

career as it took out best 4x4 & finally beating Tom's 2008 State Champion Polished White Crusier, then took out 3rd in peoples choice.  Again bundy and Paddles made an appearance by hanging outside of the windows and waving to the crowd.

Beaudesert Show 2008
Kilcoy Ute Muster 2008. 

After sucess at Beaudesert the crew visitied the lovely town of Kilcoy. A good for the Brewers Droop Ute Club with 4 out of 5 members taking away a memento.

Wining the best tray is a great achievement for Dale at 2d extreme fabrications. The tray had fresh scratches from having a play in the mountains around home.

Deni 2008

For the crew this is the crowning achievement of this project.  To go to Deni and return with a medallion for 2nd Ultimate Work Ute.  The big silver F250 just took out the honors. 

A great effort by the whole crew on the 3000km round trip. We had a blast and maybe go back for the 15th Deni?

Wedding Vehicle

On our return from Deni 2008 we provided the wedding vehicle.

Warwick 2008

To round out 2008 Warwick was a bit of fun supporting Deb. 

Best country 4x4.

Mt Gravatt 2012
A quite ute show season as we have been working in Proserpine, Byron Bay, Wagga Wagga, Deni to Taree.The new James Baroud Roof Top tent on the Custom Ausbox Canopy.

Yatala 2009

Mt Gravatt 2015
Reserve Champion 4x4 Ute of South East Qld

Another quite ute show season with Tamworth Country Music Festival, Ekka,  Rosewood & Murwillumbah. 
2015 Murwillumbah Ute and Motor Bike Show

Champion Ute
1st Local Ute
2nd 4x4 Ut
3rd Rural Ute

Ekka Ute Show at the QCAS Ute Muster Series Finals (Since 2008)